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Get Reworked

Jul 19, 2022

How do you stay positive in the middle of a tragedy?

It's a question that became all too real for our next guest, who found himself at the scene of the mass shooting at an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Ill. that left seven people dead and scores wounded.

In this episode of Get Reworked, Howard...

Jul 5, 2022

The word friction typically carries negative connotations, seen as an abrasive or discordant force. Yet the right kind of friction can also inspire feelings of belonging, engagement and meaning.

In this episode of Get Reworked, we talk to Soon Yu, author and international speaker, about how introducing good friction in...

Jun 21, 2022

Mention LEGO and most people will immediately picture building and playing with the company's famous multicolored bricks. But there's another whole level of design that goes into building an office where employees can't wait to come to work.

In this episode of Get Reworked, we talk to Tim Ahrensbach, head of workplace...

Jun 7, 2022

Human resources has come a long way since its days as the personnel department. Yet tensions remain between organizations that view HR as a strategic partner and those that still see HR people as paper pushers and party planners.

In this episode of Get Reworked, we talk to Dr. Marie Harper, Dean, Dr. Wallace E. Boston...

May 24, 2022

In any ecosystem, it's the balance that is important. Too much of one thing can lead to negative consequences for the whole. It's a concept that carries through to the digital workplace.

In this episode of Get Reworked, we talk to Aaron Kim, senior director and head, digital workplace solutions, at Toronto-based Royal...